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Word: Wa''a

Found 1 definitions.
To mount (intr.), to climb; ride

ba'ii'do, wa'ii'be = Rider, Riders (past)
baa''otoo'do (present),

id.; mba''awu, ones usual mount or object of riding/transport
baa'eteedum, baa''etee'di chariot, or riding coach or object

wa''ana (Va''ana), help to mount;
mba''antewa, ba''nteeni, any kind of mount
ba''anteeri, pack OX

wa'iina' to make to ride, give a mount or ride to, to put on, to ride

mba''ungu , pottage
waiira : to mount by means of
wa'iirde : Stairs
wa"iita : ascend or mount again

bairteedum: harness or saddle , saddlery'

puccu mba''aangu (or vaa''ngu),
a Ridable horse,

mettelli wa''i ma
you have some red ants on you.
  • Dialect fulfulde kiri
  • Source of Information Native
  • Class Verb
  • Language English