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Word: Aan

Found 2 definitions.
1. Aan
أَنتَ، أنتُم، أنتُما، كم، كُما، كُنَّ

أنتَ، أنتنَّ

Respectfully : حضرتك
  • Class Noun
  • Language عَرَبِيّ
  • 2. Aan
    You, disjunctive pronoun.

    A disjunctive pronoun is a stressed form of a personal pronoun reserved for use in isolation or in certain syntactic contexts.

    Subjective pronoun
    Aan yi'i mo
    You saw him.
    Naa Aan ,
    Not you
    • Dialect kiri Jalingo
    • Source of Information native
    • Class Noun
    • Language English