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  • A tree of the accia family .
    Albiza chevalieri Harms (Mimosoideae) is a tree or shrub of 5-12 m tall and distributed in the dry savannah from Senegal, Niger and Nigeria. The leaf is known for its antioxidant activity, anti-dysentric and to treat diabetes mellitus
    • AaJami script. اندا کِهي
    • Dialect fulfulde Jalingo, فلفلدي چالنجو
    • Source of Information native
    • Class Noun
    • Language English
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  • Datura metel ,(Plant, shrub)
    the "Hairy thorn apple"

    wikipedia: Datura metel is a shrub-like annual or short-lived, shrubby perennial, commonly known in Europe as Indian Thornapple, Hindu Datura, or Metel and in the U.S.A as Devil's Trumpet.

    yáng jīn huā (洋金花)

    sy. Gorgo
    • Dialect Fulfulde kiri
    • Class Noun
    • Language English
    Aljam photo:
  • 1- A shrub with violet scented purple flowers and winged seeds. The root is used medicinally ; And taken as snuff is said to keep a person awake when on night work.

    2- Securidaca longepedunculata Fresen
    Securidaca longipedunculata (violet tree, Afrikaans: krinkhout, Bambara: satene, Tswana: mmaba, Venda: mpesu)[1] is a species of tree in the genus Securidaca. It is most commonly found in the tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, and it was given protected status in South Africa.[2] The generic name is derived from Latin securis, as the shape of the wing on the nut recalls a hatchet. The specific name longipedunculata hints at the long peduncle on which the flowers are borne.

    2-Securidaca longepeduculata is a slender tree with beautiful flowers. It is a highly regarded medicinal and magical tree, especially by the vhaVenda people of the Limpopo Province where it occurs.

    3-The violet tree is a small to medium-sized tree that grows up to 6 m high, with characteristic pale grey smooth bark. Leaves are variable in size and shape, alternate, often in clusters or crowded on dwarf spur branchlets which are sometimes spine-tipped. They have very fine hairs when young but they lose them as they mature. Flowers are sweetly scented, in short bunches, pink to purple and are produced in early summer. They are about 10 mm long and are each borne on a long, slender stalk (peduncle). Terminal and axillary sprays are about 30-50 mm long, appearing with the very young leaves. The fruit is round, with a distinctive membranous wing up to 40 mm long, purplish green when still young, becoming pale straw-coloured, and can be seen between April and August.
    • AaJami script. اَلَلَي
    • Dialect Fulfulde Jalingo
    • Source of Information Native https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securidaca_longipedunculata
    • Class Noun
    • Language English
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