Videos » How This Woman Totally Reversed Chinas Desert - From Sand Dunes To Green Forests

How This Woman Totally Reversed Chinas Desert - From Sand Dunes To Green Forests

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China is the 4th Largest country in the world and is said to have the largest population on the planet with over 1.44 Billion people making it one of the most powerful countries in the worldwide. Yet China has a weakness since the country is severely impacted by desertification, with over one-quarter of the country affected by this challenge. Desertification is the process by which land turns into a desert. For example grazing or agricultural land can degrade over time and becomes more arid, causing the land to be less fertile and less productive. This is a huge issue for China, since their population continues to grow whilst Chinas largest Desert, the Gobi Desert is the fastest growing desert on the planet, expanding at a rate of nearly 2 miles per year. This is a problem since Desertification threatens human subsistence, as it makes natural resources including food and water much more difficult to obtain. This undermines agricultural output, furthermore desert dunes threaten to bury fields and infrastructure in sand. China currently has 6.6 million square kilometers of drylands which are vulnerable to desertification, thus much of the continent is at risk and China has many deserts, covering 27% of the country's land area. However a miracle is taking place in one of Chinas 4 major deserts, called the Mu Us Desert also referred to as the Maowusu Desert. Here an unbelievable effort has taken place, For the first time in History a man-made desert has totally been transformed, 80% of the Mu Us desert has now turned into a green forest. Amazingly this Desert has now officially reached the tipping point that it can no longer be called a desert, since the control rate of desertified land has reached over 90%. This unbelievable effort covers an area of 42,200 square kilometers, which used to be completely devoid of trees and farmland, now it has become a green oasis, where farming is happening again. This remarkable restoration story is a perfect example of how it can be possible to bring life back to barren land and it would not of been possible if it wasn't for the ingenuity of one woman named Yin, a peasant who lived in a remote part of the Mu Us desert, who spent 35 years of her life regreening the desert. This transformation was no easy feat, due to the tough weather conditions, storms, shifting sand and other difficulties such as the hard working conditions, inconvenient transportation and inadequate funds. In the beginning very few saplings survived just a mere 1% but over time Yin managed to increase the success rate up to 70%, She did this by working tirelessly trying different techniques until her efforts paid off, eventually the government took notice and started incorporating her methods in huge afforestation projects in the Gobi desert. The total transformation of the Mu Us Desert is truly an inspiring story of how a backyard experiment became the catalyst that inspired others to fight back against the sand and successfully turn deserts green again. In this video we will show you how this incredible woman managed to turn the desert into a thriving ecological park that is bursting with biodiversity, having planted well over 300,000 native trees and plants with a least 1000 different species we will also look at the ingenious techniques she used to make the desert turn green again. \ud83d\udd14 SUBSCRIBE to Leaf of Life Music Channel: @LeafofLifeMusicOfficial \u270d ENQUIRES contact: [email protected] \ud83c\udf33 For More Regreening The Desert Videos: \ud83d\udc9a SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Help us create more videos: One time donation: _________________________ This video is for education and research purposes If you are the owner of any of the images please contact us an we can credit or remove the image, THANK YOU FAIR USE COPYRIGHT NOTICE The Copyright Laws of the United States recognizes a “fair use” of copyrighted content. Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “NOTWITHSTANDING THE PROVISIONS OF SECTIONS 106 AND 106A, THE FAIR USE OF A COPYRIGHTED WORK, INCLUDING SUCH USE BY REPRODUCTION IN COPIES OR PHONORECORDS OR BY ANY OTHER MEANS SPECIFIED BY THAT SECTION, FOR PURPOSES SUCH AS CRITICISM, COMMENT, NEWS REPORTING, TEACHING (INCLUDING MULTIPLE COPIES FOR CLASSROOM USE), SCHOLARSHIP, OR RESEARCH, IS NOT AN INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT.” THIS VIDEO AND OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN GENERAL MAY CONTAIN CERTAIN COPYRIGHTED WORKS THAT WERE NOT SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED TO BE USED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER(S), BUT WHICH WE BELIEVE IN GOOD FAITH ARE PROTECTED BY FEDERAL LAW AND THE FAIR USE DOCTRINE FOR ONE OR MORE OF THE REASONS NOTED ABOVE. IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC CONCERNS ABOUT THIS VIDEO OR OUR POSITION ON THE FAIR USE DEFENSE, PLEASE CONTACT US IN THE COMMENTS OR SEND AN EMAIL SO WE CAN DISCUSS AMICABLY. THANK YOU.
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