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Social learning and Africa business community.
E-learning and Q&A.

Welcome to Mafindi.com the social learning and social enterprise Nexus.

In addition its a place to meet new people and make business connections or find ideas for a start up and get coaching.

Information is power and the internet has aged but in Africa resources in African languages and Fulfulde are few, so we started one to make it grow. We are creating a community driven fulfulde language dictionary that transaltes fulfulde to English Arabic and other languages of the world. We need your help to complete it either by effort or resources.

Our QandA page is geared towards and each one teach one philosophy.

Our aim is to create a community of learning, cooperation and progress with our meager resources and to compile and leave learning materials for the future in the form of a dictionary and encyclopedia.

Fulfulde is a lingua franca in Africa like Hausa, or Yoruba and a large number of people use it, for it not to disappear it must be brought to the future with those who speak it.